Sunday, September 14, 2008

Feeling Blue.

The storm was over, the sky was bright blue + the sun was out, a perfect day to create “cyanotypes”.

Cyanotypes are another type of "Sunprint" in that the final image appears only with the aid of ultra-violet, or sun, light. The colours can range in their final metamorphose from pale to deep blue tones and everything in between. As with Van Dyke printing, the properly exposed and processed print will be permanent and archivally sound.

Used. Discarded. Forgotten.

I have done a lot of work with discarded objects I found in my walks around town.
It is always exciting to pick up one of these items and place it in a totally different context and give it new life.

Yesterday, as I turned the corner from the organic garden I found myself facing “this” under the shade of a tree. It played in my mind, like scenes of a movie. I could see several plots. People sitting, talking, living around this “now” poor, ripped, burned, slashed and finally dumped sofa.

Unfortunately I couldn’t really put it inside my plastic bag, but it’s image was immortalized.

Hurricane season and the "Outdoor Studio".

It has been a little haphazard to keep a steady schedule in the studio lately. This is hurricane season, and with such comes unsteady weather, rain (huge bugs after it rains), wind, shuffling around putting away most of the outside furniture, and a lot of time spent tracking the storms.

So, I have been spending time prepping some new boards for encaustic, writing and taking photographs.

The neighbors are vegetarians.

A few months ago two sheep and two goats arrived next door to us. Their job assignment was to cut back the desert brush across the way. They work almost 24/7. So far they have done a darn good job, as we can see almost clear through to the dune.

Freedom (Libertad).

Walking out the front door of our house, I was suddenly confronted with a group of horses, unattended, just in the wild. I was surprised... and so were they, when our dog ran out barking at them. The lead horse gave the signal “let’s get out of here” and they took off in a beautiful and majestic gallop. Since I saw them stopped at a neighboring field, I ran quickly for my camera to get a couple pics.