Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why trees?

Trees stand metaphorically as humans... they stand in the middle of life, and the spirit of many things lie in them. They are busy all day, giving shade, support, shelter and food to all. Only when night falls can they find rest for themselves, and then under the dark quiet skies, the spirits that live in them are revealed. (... from the Life of Trees)... perhaps we should imitate trees.
The whole tree series can be previewed at

Working with trees...

I have started a new series working with trees. Working in a series allows me to explore and discover things in my pieces while I repeat the process. I like to work on several pieces at a time, sometimes it seems as if they were able to talk to each other. It feels as if each of them affects each other as they take a life of their own.

This tree was shot on the transpeninsular highway to Cabo San Lucas.

The Blue Hour...

The blue hour represents that time of the late afternoon almost night, after the sun goes down and the sky turns slowly dark. At some point in between there is the most beautiful rich blue. It's there for a brief period of time and then it's gone. Like everything else in life it's just temporary.