Thursday, October 15, 2009

La Novia (The Bride)....

I have been working for many months on a new sculptural series called "The Greeters". They are a bunch of funny characters made out of scrap metal and found objects. My trips to the dump and through my desert walks have been very fulfilling. I have started a friendship with a sweet family that tends the entrance to the dump. Gonzalo, Flora and their children have helped me sort through the rubble and find workable pieces for my artwork. It has made them proud to think that what everyone calls "garbage", can actually be turned again and given life.

"The Bride" is the first of the series that I will be showing for the first time on Friday, November 27th, right out of my own studio in Todos Santos. The sculptures measure on average 7 - 8 feet in height and anywhere between 15"- 25" wide.