Monday, June 8, 2009

June in Todos....

They call June gloom to the days where the fog rolls in and we can't even see a few feet ahead. But it only lasts a few hours, before long the sun burns the fog and it is bright as ever.

A hike to the Old Port is one of my favorite ones. It offers vistas from the ocean and from town, a peak at the pescadores in Punta Lobos, and if you tune your ears you can hear the sea lions.

It is a relaxed walk, which gives me time to think and observe.

And...once in a while I can return with a gift of a found object.

The Wall of Saints...

Todos Santos means "All Saints". Some years ago a few artists decided to paint a couple of saints on a wall that unites the old and new town. It is the most traversed road in our town. The only way to get downtown is through Topete by the Huerta.

This Spring as a member of the ARTS (Artistas de Todos Santos) group I suggested we organize all the artists in town to come together with the children in the community and complete the "Wall of Saints". On March 16th, 2009, 39 artists, 39 children and community volunteers came together to paint the wall. Local businesses in town sponsored the event and our local police controlled traffic in the street.

It was a day of complete artistic bliss and food for the heart! If you would like to see more pictures from this day or find out more about the event and the ARTS group please visit: http://

22 Haviland Street Gallery in Norwalk, CT

In the heart of the South Norwalk lives the 22 Haviland Street Gallery run by Dennis Bradbury. It is an art destination, a place of gathering, artists, poets, garment designers alike get together in this gallery because of its great aura.

I have been honored to have several exhibitions at this location. The Feminine Series traveled to find its home again within these walls.

Friends, colleagues, and art collectors came to the opening on May 1st. The work remained on exhibit until May 30th.

First photo courtesy of Dennis Bradbury.

The Femenine Series... Todos Santos to CT

The Feminine Series had it's successful debut first in Todos Santos in the month of March at Galeria Once, then traveled to Connecticut to 22 Haviland Street Gallery in Norwalk, CT.

This series explored human nature, spirit, gender, intellect, soul and identity. Visually it portrayed female drawings within symbols of alchemy and mysticism. It dealt with Goddesses, and my own Codex.

Photos courtesy of Howard Ekman.

New York at it's best...

April 16th we headed north to New York City. The minute we arrived we were bombarded with visual stimulation: Billboards, fields of lights, buildings, cars, the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, eons of people... a vast change from our tiny town in Baja. But it only took a few blinks and the adjustment in our pace fell into place.

The following weeks we immersed ourselves in a sea of art related events, exhibitions, museums, gatherings, many of them around our daughter's MFA achievements. An exciting event marking the completion of another chapter of her life successfully.

The Baker's hat...

Every so often we put on several hats to make it through all the activities on our path. At this time as January rolled in, I put on my baker's hat. Peace and Loaf opened it's doors the first of the month and the sweet scent of fresh made bread flooded Las Brisas neighborhood. Happy faces of old, new and even newer friends gathered around the picnic tables over a cup or two of coffee. The weeks and months went by in a blur. Before we knew it it was April and time to get ready to go up north for our daughter's graduation from her MFA. You can check in detail the comings and goings of Peace and Loaf @ http://www. This photograph is with our friend Neil Farrow who came to visit and unbeknowns to him he ended up working at the bakery for a day or two.