Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer of Love...

Officially the summer has started for us in Todos Santos. In addition on the 26th with the New Moon a new era will open in the Universe and love is the subject matter.

El día 23...

Mañana, en el 23 de Junio estaré partiendo por unos días a Cuba, la tierra de nacimiento de mi madre, Julieta. Allá encontraré a mi hija y juntas reconoceremos aquella ciudad. Visitaremos la vieja casa de la Abuela Julita, la casa de las tías y la casa en donde crecio mi Mamá. Escucharemos la música de la isla y caminaremos las calles procurando observar la historia que ha ocurrido.

My yoga mat is orange...

A couple of times a week at least I take out my yoga mat and do my practice. I stare at my orange mat and smile. There is an association with the sun, warmth, the Art Center logo, fresh squeezed orange juice, and many other delicious things in life. On Monday I actually took my orange mat to the sand and performed my yoga class at the beach. Full sun, waves crashing and that sense of rushing waters that I had at the circle of breath weeks before came back with a fury. It was the beginning of a great day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sister love…

Do you remember when your little sister threw a fit because you did not want to share your favorite toy with her...I do. Our grandmother used to call us crazy nicknames “Leocadia” (her) and “Tripita” (me) to help characterize our actions. I guess that is part of history, our own history. Sisters are those people with which we share most of the nuances of our genetic past. Happy Birthday Sis…

Friday, June 11, 2010


There are innumerable connotations with the color pink. Does it belong solely in little girls dresses, girly musical jewelry boxes, cute tank tops, pink roses, pink carnations, strawberry milk shakes, pepto bismol, calamine, pink eye, pink cadillacs... but a pink race car. Only in Pescadero, BCS.


The locals call the month this month “June gloom”. Every morning we wake up to light gray skies, and fog rolling over the ocean. It’s misty, moody, nostalgic and beautiful in it’s own way. We are spoiled by being able to see the sun 345 days out of the year. So this month brings us a refreshing change.

“Solitude” and “Loneliness”… what’s the difference.

The real difference comes from selective versus non-selective. We select “solitude”, as a way of being within our own very personal space, listen to our own breathing, look inside, be alone, just you and your private thoughts. On the other hand “loneliness” comes with a pang… a pain in the stomach… a state of being alone, just the same, yet wishing to be with someone who loves you.