Sunday, September 27, 2009

La Tristeza (Sadness)

I just finished reading a wonderful book called "El Ultimo Encuentro" (The Last Reunion) by author Sandor Marai. This book deeply touched me in many different levels.
I loved his description of Sadness (La Tristeza). I found it so accurate.

La tristeza.
Extraña opresión en el pecho. La acompaña cierta melancolía... nostalgia. Pero si se convierte en un dolor mudo. Lo visualizo como un pozo profundo y obscuro. Lo siento... ahora.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Artful bugs...

Have you ever tried to work with metal outdoors at 95 degree weather + have flies, "bobos" (very small black tiny flying bugs) and mosquitoes trying to attack every part of your body. Believe me it takes a lot of concentration to get anything done. And, a very good electric fan directed totally on you, so that might deviate the flight pattern of those divine creatures with which we share this earth.

Today was a very trying day!

Nature is king...

Last night I had to throw myself out of bed and go outside to watch the show of lights. It was like a giant screen at a distance flicking almost without stop. Incredible bursts of light were illuminating the skies, with tones of black, purple and navy blue. The shapes were bizarre, the lightning rod moving fast. My shots don't do justice to the beauty of light I was perceiving. It was incredible. Once again I have to agree that nature is king.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The color Blue.

Lately I have been pondering about the color "blue". Although it has never been my favorite color, it is one of my favorite "movies". But I digress... Living in Baja has made me fall in love with the color blue. But not just any blue, the color of the sky. It is the most beautiful and rich color blue that I have ever seen. Specially after years of living in Mexico City and in New England where blue skies were very far and in-between.

I look up at the sky and my eyes drink, eat & consume the color blue. It is grand! It often dances with the most gorgeous white puffy clouds which accentuate the intensity of the blue even more. Those beautiful clouds... the type that my old painting teacher Mr. Lynwood would have painted with joy. Maybe if I could've painting these clouds, my paintings would've been prettier too.

The answer my friend....

Is blowing in the wind...

A few weeks ago in one of my trips to the dump looking for found objects for my sculptures I came upon this bicycle wheel. I brought it home and immediately found a spot for it. I used a post that was left behind from a gate we used to have and the placement was perfect to capture the sunset every night between the spokes. The color of the sky changes every day. Its become kind of a project to take picture every other day. The coloration captured inside this wheel changes every single day. Like our lives in constant change.

I also thought it would be must fun if the wheel could move with the wind, so we installed a "balero" to allow it to turn on either direction. However it didn't quite work, so I guess maybe I need to install some little wind mill wings. When I accomplish this I will have found at least one answer blowing in the wind.

Jimena to arrive.... out of our control

With great anticipation and fear we waited for "Jimena" what could've been a hurricane category 5. We spent hours putting all the outside furniture and anything that could turn into a flying object into the house or the bodega. Made sure we had flashlight, batteries, water, candles, food, and all the other "must have" items in preparation for a hurricane. Once we were as prepared as we could possibly be, the operative word was
"wait". That was an interesting time, what shall one do. My nerves did not let me focus in too much critical stuff... but when it came right to it my thoughts moved into the "there is nothing we can do, nature will take its course in its own time. We were not in control.

We had to remain calm, prepare a safe area in our house and pray.

Jimena passed us by at 2AM bringing lots and lots of wind but spared us of any damage.
We were very lucky and we are very thankful.

This photograph were taken by our friend Kaia Thompson.