Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abstract Humanity... the continuum

In the summer months and noticing that I had an awful lot of found metal in different shapes and forms, I set out to try and use them. Luckily around the same time I had been invited to participate in a show titled "Four Points of View" with three other contemporary artists. So my point of view got focused on "global humanity today".

The humanity theme continues to dance constantly inside mi mind in its ever changing context. The found metal objects used within helped me emphasize the movement or the concept I was after, such as the small staircase to heaven, or the bent rewire making a perfect symbol of birth, growth and path into the outside world. The swimmers used in a couple of the pieces address the the fluidity inside our bodies and yet how difficult traversing our path is sometimes, wishing it would be as fluid as fish swimming across the oceans of the world.

The show will be exhibited at the Carlos Olachea Gallery, next to the Teatro de la Ciudad in La Paz, B.C.S., starting with a reception on August 19th, at 7:30pm and continuing until September 20th, 2011.

To view the series go to:


It is always a delight to find beauty where beauty is, but that is easy. However to spot a rusty door, with bottle caps on it or a broken stone, or anything else for that matter that depending on how it's seen can be a piece of art on its own. A great composition.
A perfect harmony between the elements.

It's that time again...

The creative cycle comes and goes. The intensity grows as one gets deeper and deeper lost in that space that only an artist can find.


Summer is officially here in Baja. The thickness of the air carries the sweet smell of mangoes; it takes concentration to take a big long breath and fill your lungs; festering mosquitoes and pesky flies search for a spot on our sweaty bodies to land on; swimming in the ocean water at a beautiful body temperature is a delight; the plumerias are in full bloom; days are long and sunsets offer flaming reds and blue purple continuous shows; as the night falls the frogs creep from their sandy habitats looking for water cheering us with their croaking; and, when the neighborhood quiets down and the lights are out the most magnificent skies shelter our dreams. Summer is sweet.


I recently read "Empire of the Soul" by Paul William Roberts about his journeys in India. One of my favorite passages of the book includes this writing.

I am the Eternal Spirit,
I am sunrise over the Primeval Ocean.
My soul is called God, I created the Word.
I abhor evil, and thus I do not see it.
I created the perfect harmony in which I dwell,
I am the deathless Word,
Which lives forever in my name of "Soul."
-- From Coffin texts, spell 307, Book of the Dead (eleventh dynasty, C. 2,000 B.C.)