Sunday, August 31, 2008

Left and right brain.

I found these three mesh screens washed out at the beach. They have the usual square shape pattern. I wondered if they were broken up lobster traps. Who knows?

I took them to the studio and played with them a bit. I separated them as they were nested inside each other. Repetition and entrapment came to mind. I loved the idea that they were white. So I went with it and without much planning rearranged them in a separate fashion. Then painted the background with "multilayered" whites, grays and yellows.

Then I brought another element that I have been focused on lately, "the left and right brain" and its differences. While we try to make sound decisions by analyzing situations that come to us, we end up many times following our gut feeling. Yes, that thing called "intuition".

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an ordinary Saffa girl said...

Oh I love the materials you use - recycling objects and materials and creating art! I have done similar type things in the past and love it. Wish I had time to do more. I'd love to keep abreast of what you find and create from your findings! :)