Monday, June 8, 2009

The Baker's hat...

Every so often we put on several hats to make it through all the activities on our path. At this time as January rolled in, I put on my baker's hat. Peace and Loaf opened it's doors the first of the month and the sweet scent of fresh made bread flooded Las Brisas neighborhood. Happy faces of old, new and even newer friends gathered around the picnic tables over a cup or two of coffee. The weeks and months went by in a blur. Before we knew it it was April and time to get ready to go up north for our daughter's graduation from her MFA. You can check in detail the comings and goings of Peace and Loaf @ http://www. This photograph is with our friend Neil Farrow who came to visit and unbeknowns to him he ended up working at the bakery for a day or two.

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