Sunday, August 16, 2009

Las piñatas y las muñecas (2 words with “ñ”)…

I have always enjoyed playing with paper maché. Although piñatas were made out of clay when I was a child. As the years passed they became a liability because as they broke, shards of clay were scattered alongside the candy kids were picking up. So they soon moved into making them out of paper maché (safer YES, but it never had the awesome sound of the big crack when you hit the piñata with the stick). Anyway I learned how to make them out of paper maché, and made a few for our daughter’s birthday parties.
I felt nostalgia as I looked at these piñatas displayed in the central market in Guanajuato.

The paper maché dolls have always made an impression on me. They were a little scary when I was a kid. They are very popular dolls, but they always gave me the impression of looking like a mature woman, not a child. Aren’t dolls supposed to look like children? But there is also something kind of genius about them with their gladiator kind of heavy look, their bright colors and big eyes. They are a real magnet for me.

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