Friday, June 11, 2010

“Solitude” and “Loneliness”… what’s the difference.

The real difference comes from selective versus non-selective. We select “solitude”, as a way of being within our own very personal space, listen to our own breathing, look inside, be alone, just you and your private thoughts. On the other hand “loneliness” comes with a pang… a pain in the stomach… a state of being alone, just the same, yet wishing to be with someone who loves you.

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vitor said...

...serán estos "estados" los qué provocan nuestras creaciones MAS espontáneas y sinceras???
...sentimientos qué nos llevan a "reencontrar" lugar y objetivo ,lo QUE REVITALIZA nuestro amor por lo
sencillo, lo natural Y POR LOS nuestros.
¡¡¡ QUÉ FOTO !!!