Monday, December 6, 2010

7 days before the show...

Promotion, promotion, promotion... today was the day to go into town and deliver the invites for the opening reception and send zillions of e-mails containing the invite as well. Roses of the Desert at the Galería de Todos Santos. Opening Reception on Sunday December 12th from 1-4PM. Todos Santos, BCS. Mexico. 6121450500.

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jennifermazzucco said...

hi gloria!
wishing you much success with you show! thank you for the kind and thoughtful email - i have been saving it for a rainy day to respond to. i've been wrapped up in writing student comments and studio sales... but everytime i open my email it is there with a star on it, awaiting some time to sit and reflect and write. thank you for being such a beautiful friend. can't wait to see photos of your show - please post lots of them!