Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mexico City, my city of birth...

A brief fly by to Mexico City, my city of birth. Mexico City, cosmopolitan, complicated, intense city, my city of birth; I still love you; Although you scare me, I still love you; Even with your agression, I still love you; As I drive by the hospital were our daughter was born, I still love you; Even with your dense pollution, the constant honking of the cars and the muscling from lane to lane in he busy "glorietas", I still love you; With your lovely "panaderĂ­as, el pan dulce de la merienda, el afilador, el pepenador, el ruido de las ambulancias, I still love you after all these years; I smile when I see the beautiful flowers in the street corners everywhere. When I think of you my beautiful city of birth, I still love you.

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