Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Inspiration at Punta Lobos.

Between 1:30-3:00PM all the fisherman from our area come back with their goods.
It's quite a scene at Punta Lobos as the "pangas" (small motor boats), make it through the rough surf landing on the sand and immediately being dragged by a pick up truck onto a flat area of the beach. There, tables are set next to the boats for the gutting & filleting of the fish. It's pelican heaven.

I am of course a Piscis and have a particular weekness for fish and being in the water.

So my next piece was dedicated to this beautiful "dorado" yellow tail. The ying and yang shapes on the piece represent the double currents in which I find myself often struggling with.

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biglulumaxdog said...

Glad to see there is inspiration, endless beauty and peace surrounding you.

Hopefully I might be able to catch up with you soon!

Have you quit the Northeast forever?

Cheers, Bea