Sunday, January 18, 2009


The end of November was looming and my work was getting close to finish. One morning while I listened to NPR I decided to start one of the scrolls with drawings of swimmers moving through water. A couple of days later as I hung it on the wall to see what else it needed I found myself thinking that it was the only scroll with the subject of water in it. I realized it was time for me to get back to the ocean. The work was finished.

A dear friend of mine, also an artist, said to me once "That every artist's stroke was a revelation" and I believe she was right.

It was time to pack up the studio, say my good-byes to my great colleagues "The other Wurleybird fellows", as well as Board members and wonderful Director of the fellowship, then just wait for my husband to come pick me up, and start our trek down Baja in order to get home before the holidays.

Through this time, I was able to become closer to the earth, learn to appreciate the mountains, overcome fears and get to know my inner self better. A real gift.

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buddhagirl said...

gloria - it was sooooo great to see you!!!! i put a post up of some of your encaustics from the show for karin to see. glad i got to see them in person - they are wonderful!!!
i just gave you a little award for your inspiring blog.