Sunday, September 12, 2010

El Torote...

Scientific Name: Bursera microphylla
English Name: elephant tree
Spanish Name: torote blanco, copal, palo colorado, torote rojo, torote colorado, cuajiote blanco, torote

A few weeks ago clearing out an area of brush around our house we came upon a small "Torote tree", I couldn't believe it. I always loved them, but they are an endangered species and should not be pulled out of their desert home, in other words it's not something you find at the local nursery. They are a classic desert tree with a flaking bark and open arms full of green leaves when they bloom. But because of the lack of water they remain dormant, grey but sturdy. I was so delighted to find it, we cleared around it and started to give it water. Fifteen days later it surprised me with a tiny leaf out of each of it's tiny branches. It is in full bloom today. Once again nature is king.

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