Thursday, June 19, 2008

The arrival.

Todos Santos was the destination we had selected after some previous travels, because of its simplicity, small quaint town atmosphere, still being under developed and having what seemed like an eclectic, artistic small community. After our arrival, settling in was pretty easy. The rental house we had arranged for was waiting for us, and we were ready for it after our 5000-mile drive from up north. Two “Pacifico Beers” in the refrigerator were the best welcome. Salud to Todos Santos.

The next few weeks we spent getting our bearings, learned where the tortilleria (tortilla shop), the local grocery store, the vet, the pharmacy and the yoga classes were. A few walks around town answered most of our questions. Pretty soon we were living in Todos Santos. However it really didn’t feel like that it felt like an extended vacation.

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