Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fall arrived; I started to let go.

I brought with me a little tiny pillow that has the word “simplify” embroidered on it.
I placed it on top of our bed and everyday it reminds myself to keep things simple. By doing this I have more time to think, more space to move and breathe.

I have opened my eyes to nature. The sky is magnificent. I can see everyday, the sun go down on the ocean and the moonrise above the mountains. It is a site to remember.
Although these days I am trying to live “in the moment” and not rely on what I might want to remember but only focus on the experience at hand. If I may remember it or not it is inconsequential. As I age, I find I can remember less and less anyway.

Mexico after all these years, in my absence sure has changed in some ways, but in others it is still the same. The social structure is still the same. It is here, even when many do not like to accept it. I speak the language and have an easier point of contact with the Mexican community. But there are still the worker bees and those who can afford the services. There are those that need the work to survive, and those living from their rents.

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