Thursday, June 19, 2008

The sky.

Next, we started driving around to the different small towns, beaches, taking short hikes along the local arroyos (creeks) and every night we ran to a perfect viewing spot to see the sun fall into the ocean. We have earnestly tried to see the green flash, which everyone talks about, but that has not happened yet.
The desert and its multitude of plants, succulents, cacti of many types, creatures, and color has been fascinating to me. With my camera I have been able to capture many images, which have become inspiration for my artwork. It is amazing to see these very unfriendly, full of large spine plants, have very soft and delicate flowers. The contrast is amazing. In my mind I mostly see them in black and white, I have worked with them in high contrast and transferred these images into soft creamy wax. They become soft etchings. It balances its roughness and encases it in a soft environment.

There is much more to be done in this area. I am only getting started. After so many years living in a green, lush and manicured environment, the roughness of the desert is an eye opener. My feet started to grow calluses, form walking with sandals or barefoot in the sand. But my calves got stronger from walking on the uneven sand.I am finding my far sight improving because there are very few lights at night. We can count every star night after night. I can see black. I can see further.

The sky meets the ocean at the horizon. The sky is big and blue. The ocean is big and blue. It is a magnificent feeling to find oneself sandwiched in between these amazing two bodies.

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