Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jimena to arrive.... out of our control

With great anticipation and fear we waited for "Jimena" what could've been a hurricane category 5. We spent hours putting all the outside furniture and anything that could turn into a flying object into the house or the bodega. Made sure we had flashlight, batteries, water, candles, food, and all the other "must have" items in preparation for a hurricane. Once we were as prepared as we could possibly be, the operative word was
"wait". That was an interesting time, what shall one do. My nerves did not let me focus in too much critical stuff... but when it came right to it my thoughts moved into the "there is nothing we can do, nature will take its course in its own time. We were not in control.

We had to remain calm, prepare a safe area in our house and pray.

Jimena passed us by at 2AM bringing lots and lots of wind but spared us of any damage.
We were very lucky and we are very thankful.

This photograph were taken by our friend Kaia Thompson.

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Sales said...

Really trying to find Kaia Thompson and see there's a photo here by her. Can you help us? She would be about 50-55 yo, a totally wonderful person from Leona Valley. She loved and cared for our horses fo forever before she left. If you know her, could you ask her to all us? Our number doesn't change. 661-943-8999 or my cell 661-305-9564.

Thanks so much. She'll know it's us if you tell her Skip and Mac say "Hi!"