Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Greeters Opening...

The Opening came and went with great joy. On a beautiful afternoon in Todos Santos, people meandered around the garden to meet personally each and everyone of the members of "The Greeters Series" that I spent the good part of the year working on. They proudly stood between the agaves, the grasses and the palm trees.

The “Greeters” Series originated simply from finding interesting pieces of scrap metal while walking or driving around our desert roads. It is amusing to see what image each of us can see when looking at a crumpled piece of wire, or a broken window, a fan or any other discarded item. Remember as kids, when we used to call the shape of a cloud as a lamb or an elephant.

Since I was a child I always enjoyed making things out of discarded items. I remember making flower vases out of bricks. The most fascinating thing about re-using something is the idea of giving it the opportunity to live on. To pick something up that has been discarded as trash and taking it at whatever stage this item might be, then transform it into something totally different and present it to the world again makes me smile.

The “Greeters” are whimsical and joyful little humanoid figures that have a sense of humor. You can see pictures of all of them and the reception by pasting these URL's onto your browser window.

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