Monday, May 10, 2010

Circle of breath...

Last Friday I had one of the most powerful experiences in my whole life. I went to a "breathing circle" led by Shakti. It was held at the Cachorra beach at sunset. The light at that time of day is beautiful. The waves were crashing with serenity but carrying loads of strength. While I closed my eyes I felt water gushing within me, fluid massive movements, energy circulating through my body. It was only the beginning of an incredible experience about to happen. The circle was blessed, candles placed, our bodies smudged and instructions on breathing given by our facilitator, Shakti. What happened next I won't even try to describe but it was a mindblowing experience. Energy traveling through my body, taking me to a place where I had never been. There is definitively much to learn about our essence, the divine, the universe and everything that surrounds us.

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Valerie said...

Wow sounds wonderful!