Monday, May 31, 2010

The soul craves creation....

After four months of intensive creative activity within our ARTS group (, my soul craved for creative privacy. Most of the events I am talking about had to do with the organization of Art exhibitions, artist talks, attending art events, giving workshops and having our first Artist Studio Tour in Todos Santos. While all this was highly rewarding, at a given point I wanted to run and lock myself in my studio (hard to do since it's outdoors...) but the point is, that the soul started to crave the creative process. Getting to smell the wax, get those brushes loaded with the clear stuff and then make markings, lots of them... YES mark the surface. Changing a simple piece of wood into something worn with character like our bodies and our lives. So I made it, I am in the studio starting the process, looking forward to developing the content for my new series which will include photographic content.

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