Monday, May 31, 2010

What is Art anyway?

I can only answer this question by what I see and what I feel. Take this photograph of a found discarded object. By now you all know how I get incredible satisfaction out of discovering an old piece of metal and giving it a totally new context in life. My last trip to the "basurero", after a frantic call from my friend Flora, was truly amazing. She wanted me to come quick because the scrap metal guy was about to come to pick up "los fierritos" and she wanted to make sure I had a chance to select before he picked them up. There were incredible finds, there were metal stars, interesting contorted pieces of wire, screens, circles, interesting engine parts, wild refrigerator coils, amazing stuff. What a delight! But how this translate into art. Is it the transformation of the object, the actual application of the medium, or, the final presentation of it all. For me Art is all of the above. From the moment I lay eyes on the forgotten object, to the delight of working with it, the imagination running wild while finding a setting for the object, the application of the melted wax, the incorporation of the words, the observation, the editing, and being absorbed while becoming one with the artwork...

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