Sunday, January 18, 2009

The exploration...

The first few weeks, I spent driving, walking, reading and visiting artist studios, museums and getting to find my bearings. The beauty of the environment was arresting. Big sky, huge mountains, incredible canyons and open space. I found that great respect is given to the the land itself. Respect to "Mother Earth".

Taos is located very much at the base of the Mountains of the Sangre de Cristo and the Taos ski valley mountain. For someone like me not used to stepping outside my house and have a huge mountain looming over me, was a bit ominous.

Locals believe that the Mountain accepts you or rejects you.

But as the weeks went by and after a couple of hikes into the mountains, I realized how green and alive they were. They were not threatening, in fact they were more like guardian angels looking over us.

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