Sunday, January 18, 2009

Time to get some work done...

After three weeks of exploration and getting a chance to meet some local artists I decided it was time to get focused. I normally do some journaling and document my experiences, as I did this time too.

During one of my visits to artist studios I met an artist that also did a bit of writing and used the words, as I do in her work. We struck a great conversation and she taught me a printing technique used by the artist Paul Klee, but totally new to me.

With my new found knowledge I went to work. This particular type of printing works best on thin paper. There are many options of japanese paper that would be suitable but I tried the one my artist friend recommended. My journal was filled with revelations of my time living alone, cooking for one person, having total command of my time, and getting a chance to delve more into my other self. Yes, the one that sometimes in our daily life we don't have a chance to tap into.

In the past I have taken some in-roads into the exploration of the femenine and created work using photographs of women. Usually good friends that allow me to photograph them. But in this case, not having that source and really thinking in a more elemental way I decided to take a leap of faith and create drawings.

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rosalie said...

it nearly gives me the creeps to read your latest posts. lucky you :)

this environment looks quite a lot inspiring as well as the place you live during the time you spend there. in my opinion there is nothing that can give you such a deep and different inspiration and input than a new environment, an environment that one doesn't know already.

i like paul klee and his works very, very much. and as i'm quite too busy with the preparations for my exam (or some kind of exam..) i find it's such a pity not to work some more on my own ideas and projects as i need the rests urgently to calm down and collect some new energy.