Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Femenine Series...

The work continued to evolve in the subsequent weeks. There were many other mediums calling me: weaving, pottery, everything related to the earth. Taos is definitively a place with magnetism and the sense of being rooted is very strong. But I kept my focus and drawing, writing, and printing became my medium as I developed "The Femenine Series".


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Karin said...

ooooohhh Gloria, these pieces are gorgeous! I really wish I could see them in person - the writing you did to/in honor of your mother is quite moving and knowing how deeply it affected you, in the process, makes it so much more meaningful. I also am very drawn to the new printing process you are using. The long scroll format is one I've had hanging in my studio for over a year! Hoping to use my asemic writing on them, but still haven't gotten that far... you inspire me :)
So glad to see your blog updated!!
love, Karin